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The Art for Science Ocean Fund, Inc.


“Creating a New Audience for Ocean Conservation”

Some of the activities that we will produce in order to fulfill our purpose are:

Film Documentaries. Film combines many artistic disciplines. Camera, music, reporting, writing, performances and many more. Environmental documentaries also bring together scientific disciplines and join the public interest, need and desire of trustworthy education. Biologists, Chemists, Geologists, Engineers, Marine Experts, Toxicologists, Researches and Explores are in constant focus of the media’s attention. The Art For Science Ocean Fund, Inc. will produce, develop and collaborate with the production of Environmental documentaries promoting “Awareness and Understanding of our Oceans and Marine Environment.”

Eco-Art events. These events allow for the general public to become involved in the creation of artistic installations which involve the combined effort of artists and scientists. Here is an example; sea grass is not considered attractive or interesting to the general public and most people don’t know its importance as a sea bed stabilizer and as a habitat for essential marine life. Sport boaters are continually grounding their boats and killing sea grass. Educational brochures can be distributed throughout the community which address problems and offer solutions. Individuals will participate in sea grass planting in sculptural forms placed in damaged shallow underwater areas. Invite the media with a press release and now a story is told that is exciting and informative. Another photo opportunity showing the Art for Science Ocean Fund at work.

Media events. Press releases will be sent to local and national media to cover local eco-art events and internationally for major ocean art installations. This will aid in newspaper, magazine and television support for ocean conservation as art is united with science.

The creation of table top photo books. Photo books will include quotes from many artists perspectives on one page and the scientists perspectives on the next. These thought provoking words combined with visually exciting underwater images will be educational, informative and entertaining. Our collectable books will be given in quantity to major corporate sponsors to add to their corporate book collections while allowing them the opportunity to offer them as gifts to supporters of their organizations as well as to benefit schools and other chosen institutions. Our books are testimony to the sponsor’s support of ocean conservation by their support of the Art for Science Ocean Fund. Books will also be given in limited quantity to individuals that donate through the Art for Science Ocean Fund web site.

The creation of educational brochures. These brochures will be distributed through schools, hotels, restaurants, airports and retail businesses. The brochures focus will be how to interact with marine life and activities (do’s and don’ts) for the individual to follow that will directly benefit the ocean’s sustainability. Brochures, like our books, will be printed on recycled paper with biodegradable ink. The artistry involved in creating these brochures will surely make them collector items.

Photo contests. Contests will be promoted on our web site, photo, art, dive and travel magazines and through organizations that support and distribute our educational brochures. Winning photography will be used in educational brochures, table top books, posters, calendars, exhibitions, etc. Schools ranging from junior high school to university level will also be invited to participate in contests as an extra curricula activity that will result in photo exhibitions in participating schools.

Public exhibits and lecture series. Exhibits for museums, marine parks, schools, etc., will merge winning photo contest images combined with quotes from artists and scientists. We will create an additional competition for students to participate in creating artistic and scientific quotes to be included in exhibits. Information combined with art is very alluring. A lecture series by renowned scientists and artists will be given at the opening of each public exhibition.

Web site development. The Art for Science Ocean Fund web site will be continually updated with underwater photography and quotes form artists and scientists from around the world. Subjects from local to global problems and solutions will be addressed. The Art for Science Ocean Fund web site will also be a valuable tool for use in learning institutions.

Underwater art installations. Artwork will be created by the sculptors and scientists combined efforts assuring the creation of a balanced ecosystem as a work of art. These works of art will be permanently installed into the sea and documented by photo and video for the world to see. This will be a great study for photo contests and give rise to the creation of table top books, film documentaries and television public service announcements.

University involvement. Florida International University and Qatar University are the first to have already expressed interest in monitoring these types of art installations with their marine science departments. Other universities around the world will be invited as the unique art/science installations evolve into living habitat for marine life. Here is an example; an identical sculptural marine habitat is installed in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Miami, Florida and another installed in the Arabian Gulf off the coast of Doha, Qatar. Now the universities can study what kind of marine growth attaches itself to the surface of the art and what variety of marine life lives inside the art form. Each university can then compare and share data as a part of their university curriculum. Two very different cultures sharing knowledge as a result of the Art for Science Ocean Fund.

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The Art for Science Ocean Fund
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