The Art for Science Ocean Fund, Inc.
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The Art for Science Ocean Fund, Inc.

Our Mission Statement is to:

(a) Promote and develop global interest on the part of the public in understanding and appreciation of our ocean environment by combining art with science for the purpose of education.

(b) Develop and advance the understanding of and commitment to protecting and enhancing our marine environment.

(c) Research and promote ways in which corporations and individuals can become more involved in the protection and restoration of the marine environment.

The Art for Science Ocean Fund will teach about the basics of the ocean and how it works. The current paradigm for teaching in our country and the world is based on the classroom and noninvolvement with the very environments we are trying to protect. We will provide the expertise and interactive projects for communities to actually interact with these environments. We will bring opportunities to the public; they will become involved thru dramatic artistic presentations. 

The Art for Science Ocean Fund will show current generations why we must focus on the many essential problems that challenge us today. We will show the interrelation between education and entertainment, art and science so future generations will embrace these issues and be inspired to utilize the planets resources in a sustainable way.

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The Art for Science Ocean Fund
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